Hello Again, Levy Park; Dairy Queen’s Houston Expansion Plans


Photo of Levy Park: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I agree with Judge Ed here. However, but we live in a time of alternative facts. So we’re facing major headwinds. People are convinced that 1.) They voted to tear down the dome. They didn’t, but they’re convinced that happened for some reason. 2.) New is always better than old. Always. No question. 3.) Texans and the Rodeo have the best interest of all Houstonians. Why? Well…. as a kid you see / go to them and therefore it is good. Plus they don’t any tax money so its good. They do? Well….. at least its going to something I like. If it didn’t it probably go to poor people. God they always have there hands out. Takers are the worst!

  • The new Levy park is spectacular. Lets order up a dozen more and let the Astrodome rot.

  • ““What they’re talking about doing, requiring another vote, would be the first time in Texas history that the Legislature has told a local government what they could or couldn’t do, with a building they’ve already paid for,” Emmett told the Houston Press this week.”
    Wait, what? You must be new around here. Exactly what about modern day Texas politics seems normal?

  • Texas builders shouldn’t have hired illegal aliens in the first place. Cry me a river.

  • Once the Astrodome is renovated it becomes USABLE SPACE for NRG Park’s three largest tenants….Texans, Rodeo, and OTC. I would hope that all three of those organizations would support the new plan.

  • What has happened to the Texas Stop Sign?? All the DQs have been DQ’d!! Bring back the Dilly and that incredibly smooth soft serve!

    Seriously, drive across Texas and you’ll find a Subway in every small town, not a D Q. Subway is useless to me.