High and Dry in EaDo; Theatrical Shelter at the GRB; Elevated Before Harvey, Just in Time

Photo: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Houston Grand Opera in the GRB? OMG no! The acoustics there are awful, and it will make the HGO the laughingstock of the operatic world. PLEASE find somewhere else or just cancel, as it much better to save your reputation than make a few bucks

  • 8,157,575 housing units in Texas

    1,660,235 housing units in Harris County, TX

    Big places produce big numbers and the media does a disservice reporting big numbers without contextualizing them with 30 seconds (I timed myself) of google research.

  • That Heatherglen house turned out really nice. Happy for that family that they didn’t flood this time!

  • The entire East End except for a handful of homes near the bayou in Idylwood drains well and doesn’t flood. Allison, Ike, Harvey….nada. The steady drip drip of people moving over here might become a real flood now though.

  • 113,136 homes damaged in Harris County. Yes, lets place that into context. That is roughly the equivalent of damaging every house in Williamson County (Round Rock and Georgetown, TX). Or wiping out every housing unit in a small city like Akron, Ohio. It is roughly 1 in 10 homes in Harris County that was damaged according to the current count (“housing units” in the census includes about 600k multifamily).

  • HGO isn’t going to just cancel. They’ve got hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars committed to those shows in artist fees and production costs and thousands of subscriptions and tickets sold. They are absolutely committed to making it a worthwhile theatrical experience for their patrons even if it is not in the familiar confines of the Wortham. And finding a venue with enough seating and free dates is a near impossibility.