HISD Construction May Wait for a Downturn; How the Menil Collection’s Byzantine Fresco Chapel Will Reopen Without the Frescoes


Photo of I-10: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • That pedestrian bridge over I-10 near St. Arnolds is a pretty scenic view.

  • “Tanglewood Wood Hollow”? Seriously? I know, they’re merging “Tanglewood” and “Wood Hollow”, but wouldn’t “Tanglewoodhollow” be slightly better, and less stuttery?

  • East end, ftw.

  • The east end article isn’t talking about east end housing. It’s talking about how downstream O&G (meaning plants in East Houston) are going to be affected less by the oil price changes than upstream (energy corridor jobs). Nothing really at all about real estate, except the bit about City View Terrace.

  • They should name it “Tangle Tanglewood Woodhollow Hollow”. Saying it would make people think you have echolalia.

  • Memebag’s suggestion FTW!