Historic Heights Theater Off the Market; The Next Hot Spot Inside the Loop


Photo of Aris at Market Square: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • The topic of the last article linked has been thoroughly discredited a few weeks ago.

    Also, what does that have to do with Houston development?

  • InsideClimate News? Smell you later, Swamplot Robots! I’m out of here for good.

    BTW – We have recently learned of climate change on Mars, and there is not a single fossil fuel burning vehicle on the entire planet.

  • Yes we have climate change, who cares, we’ll adapt, we’ve adapted for tens of thousands of years. If my beach house in Mexico floods out, I’ll build one a little higher, if US southwest burns in droughts, we’ll buy our produce somewhere else, if Europe plunges into a mini ice age, my Russian gas stocks will go higher.

  • Climate change as a swamp article. I’m not sure I’ll be checking in very often now.

  • A climate change article!? What next?! Youre going to tell me standard oil was putting out false science about leaded Gasoline!?

    Allow me, among the most conservative of us, to retort it with the tried and true method placing my fingers in my ear and moving on to the next blog.

  • Awww y’all that check out because of a climate change article can’t handle something that doesn’t already confirm you own biases? This is a logical fallacy…always looking for things that confirm your own belief systems. I feel bad for you that you can’t change your minds based on information but y’all probably have all the answers already and can’t be convinced with reason or evidence to the contrary anyway. A lost cause. I hope you and those in your care have the money to withstand the climate change storm. Those with money will survive (barring we don’t acidify the oceans enough to prevent thermohaline circulation). Don’t be afraid of science! I’m sure if you had a terrible disease you wouldn’t be so dismissive of changing your life to prevent a possibly horrid outcome.

  • These comments are ridiculous. Buncha big dumb babies.

  • Climate change has always happened! This isn’t news. Wasn’t climate change partially responsible for the annihilation of the dinosaurs? More recently, in the 70s, people were predicting the next ice age, then it turned to global warming in the 90s/early 2000s, and finally the universally vague term “climate change” is upon us.

  • Climate change is certainly happening, the big question being how much of it is anthropogenic. Then it comes down to control: much of what you might want to do (in big matters) would have to be vetted by experts to assure that there would be no effect on the climate. Climate changes scientists, eager to save mankind, also have a powerful itch to finally get control.

  • It’s telling to see how companies like Exxon try to derail and muddy up climate change research with misinformation and confusion. If there is any indication that they know something about the affects of fossil fuel consumption that we choose to willfully ignore, there it is….
    It’s also interesting to see how commenters digress into discussing the validity of “climate change” rather than what the posted article actually brings up.

  • Good lord people.

  • Rabble rabble rabble, rabble rabble! Rabble, rabble rabble rabble RABBLE RABBLE!!!

  • Next they are going to try to tell us the tobacco companies knew smoking was harmful, but still wanted to sell cigarettes! What is this world coming to???

  • Well, the middle of November will be here in moments and not a god*amn thing has happened at Swamplot apart from an instructive episode in which the words climate and change were perilously juxtaposed and an alarmed contingent of the Faithful soiled their knickers, threatened a conservative diaspora and evoked those halcyon days of elementary school when colleagues would hold their ears and scream without ceasing in a heroic, ultimately vain, attempt to blot out threatening verbiage in their vicinity. Geez, Louise!

  • Some of you guys should get your teeth checked. I’ve heard that regurgitating too much or too forcefully is bad for the enamel.

  • to be fair, it should be well known by the editors that a real estate blog would skew towards an older demographic and provoke such discussions.

    Mr Ection, I agree, though for different reasons. All I see is a bunch of mastication with no meat.

  • Yes there’ve been lots of climate changes the Earth’s past. They wiped out everything but allowed new life to flourish. What we all need is a sense of geologic time.
    The difference with man-made climate change is that we’re doing it to ourselves! We’re the frog in the soup pot, turning up the temp.
    Of course the planet will recover, even if, say, polar bears won’t.
    The seas will roar, siberian tigers won’t.
    Lovely green algae will flourish but we won’t.