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i-45 be someone graffiti near downtown

Photo of I-45 near Downtown: Paul via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • My fiance and I laugh at that BE SOMEONE every time we pass by. Damnit EARL! Be SOMEONE!

  • Surprised to hear the Woodlands Reserve, just off Gosling, considered near the “front” of the Woodlands….

  • People HATE Bauhaus, they tear this style down every chance they get, so some idiot decides to build his new development in this style???–seriously??–

  • Doesn’t Houston have graffitti laws—paint over that shit, it looks like 70’s Brooklyn

  • I gotta say – that takes some guts to tag that “Be Someone” over I-45…..A fall is almost a guaranteed ugly death…..

  • Every time I see that graffitti, I think, “Yeah, be someone who doesn’t need to vandalize other people’s property in order to make a statement.”

  • I highly doubt the MENSA members who vandalized this train over pass even think much about falling on to 45–they’re probably so high and brain dead they think they’re on the Russian Space Station. Oh and seriously, nobody saw those jerks painting that mess and called the cops?–I’m little impressed that people so brain dead spelled it correctly, perhaps they googled the correct spelling –I’m assuming they’re HISD alum so I’m doubting they could spell CAT if you spotted them the C and the T.

  • I’ve been wanting to add a “PRO” to the “BE” for sometime.

  • OR perhaps considering every time some vandal adds something vulgar or negative to the overpass like recently it said “BE SOMEONE” (else), the city painted over the (else)… I personally believe the city had something to do with the “graffiti” because if you think about it a positive message is encompassing most of the space on the bridge where vulgar gang works would fit… leaving no room for obscenity, and the fact that whomever did it obviously spent some time on it and painted it with a roller not a spray can which would have drawn a scene and ntm that’s a railroad bridge where if you know downtown/midtown area those tracks are used many many times day and night… Urban graffiti adds to the character of our city as long as it’s a positive message and not spreading hate drug use or violence…


  • Wow, what a bunch of fuddy-duddies.
    I like the message and the high visibility delivery. A+

  • Why won’t the Railroad paint over this grafitti?? This is an eyesore that visitors see when driving from Bush airport to downtown…..along with 200,000 other cars each and every day. Shameful that the city won’t make the Railroad paint over it.

  • @Mike W.
    “Shameful that the city won’t make the Railroad”
    HA! The City can’t make the railroad do ANYTHING. The railroad has owned that land since before there was a City… Courts have always come out on the side of railroads; the City can’t even use eminent domain against a railroad. What makes you think the City even has $0.02 worth of ability here?

  • When they finally build the overpass for the East End metrorail the City should add “Be Someone” in artistic tiles since the street art theme in the area seems to be encouraging phrases and beat the taggers to it.