Hobby Airport International Terminal Takeoff Nears; Meridiana’s Educational Component


Photo: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Rise Communities Meridiana development

    Demographic of the Alvin ISD student population:
    “The district’s ethnic composition is 44% Hispanic, 29.4% White, 15.6% African American, 8.6% Asian and 2.4% other.”*

    Demographic of the Meridiana renderings:
    0% Hispanic, 100% White, 0% African American, 0% Asian and 0% other.


  • I was at the Meridiana VIP event when RISE unveiled all this. The client I brought was SO excited she leaned over to me midway through and whispered “My inner nerd is flipping out. You have to get me a house here.” If they deliver on everything promised it will be a HUGE draw. They’re hitting on all the buyer triggers with educational opportunities for kids and amenities for pets (their “Ambassador” is a super cute golden retriever named Soleil).

  • Is summer over yet? I swear I saw some kids back in school :(