Hotel Industry Outlook Doesn’t Add Up; Measuring Houston’s Creative Economy


Photo: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • RE: Hotel Demand Down by 6%, Supply Up by 8%
    I don’t mind this “perfect storm” to bring down room rates temporarily – plus the overall real estate market could use a breather. The hotel industry will be fine.

  • Glad to keep seeing these articles about the softening of the new home market. The growing difference in price between new/old is just a reflection of building a home in a boom market with increased land/material/labor costs. Not a problem the past couple years with strong demand and existing homes selling quickly, but that ship has already sailed and this is a new market.
    Commodities have been dropping like a rock lately including lumber so stocks prices of the home builders won’t be far behind. I certainly wouldn’t pity them, they’ve got substantial profit margins to keep them sleeping well at night. Once land/materials/labor revert back to the mean trend line they’ll start the same process all over again