Houston Faces Construction Worker Shortage; Texas City Theme Park Shovel Ready

Downtown Construction

Photo: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Harris County Paying $45M for Street Improvements with Houston City Limits
    I can only hope that the City won’t squander the “extra” $45M it is getting from the County. With our luck, the City will use it for “trade missions” (aka party time for politicians) rather than to put it towards the pension hole or actual municipal services like sewers.

  • Not that I’m a fan of Harris County or the COH when it comes to governance, but isn’t having separate county and city administrations antiquated? Wouldn’t we in the region all be better off if the county and city government was merged?
    The COH area is too big to govern. The city can’t even keep up with the basic stuff like keeping roads paved. The county government does…. what exactly?

  • Re Floyd’s replacing Joe’s Crab Shack: Please replace all Joe’s Crab Shacks with Floyd’s.

  • @dnaguy the City is about a third the area of the County and has only half the population. If the City is too big to govern, how would turning it over to the County help? It made sense when they merged the county and city in Miami-Dade several years ago as the population and area were much closer. Not so here.

  • @dnaguy

    In case you haven’t noticed the City of Houston only covers about half of Harris County …. and even if Houston and the unincorporated areas were merged (and that isn’t happening as it would require Houston to absorb all the outstanding debts of the MUD’s) I think that you would have significant pushback by the remaining villages, towns and cities that exist in Harris County and protected by state law.

  • Bankrate is absolutely right. I should move to California where I can buy a smaller house on a smaller amount of land, with far worse restrictive covenants and pay $1,000,000 vs $200,000, rather than pay $200 a year to replace the capacitor on the AC, and $50 for flood insurance on top of regular insurance.