Houston Less of a Real Estate Market To Watch; Three More Chances To Hit Snooze


Photo of the Fred Hartman Bridge: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Houston College of Law to Decide on New, Non-Conflicting Name Next Week
    I think this headline sums up the “white flag of surrender” for STCL. Heck, their new color scheme should be “Surrender White”. But, I’m glad to see that they saw the writing on the wall and are unveiling a new name next week.

  • The Houstonia article on Snooze says the Memorial and Town & Country Village locations are one and the same. The third new restaurant is intended for Cinco Ranch.

  • Oops! Thanks, slugline — it’s been fixed.

  • The Randy Sorrell Houston Central Law University of Texas of Acquisitions and Mergers, Legal Technology and Litigation. Otherwise known as the Houston UT A & M Tech Law School.

  • I like trying trendier new restaurants but was not sold on Snooze. 3 more locations seems a bit much. The wait was so long we walked to Blacksmith for coffee before heading back and the food, atmosphere, and prices were so so. You could go to an authentic Houston diner on the cheap and instantly be seated. I guess cocktails would be out though.