Houston’s Bike Hit-and-Run Problem; Another Hopdoddy Burger Bar in the Bayou City


Photo of 1720 Houston Ave: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I wish the rain hadn’t stopped so much of the progress on the bike paths. It will be a miracle if they could ever connect the Heights to downtown via white oak bayou rather than the awful path through Target.

    I’m pretty sure that 200ft section of bike path will be complete in 5-10 years, or whenever they feel like it.

  • The south side path on White Oak is very nearly complete. The only unfinished section is at the Yale Street bridge construction – completion estimated December 2017. In the mean time they’re working on an alternate route around the Yale Street construction. The path is usable but still messy with lots of mud, broken glass and some piles of dirt. That should be cleaned up soon.

  • Unfortunately, the Houston Press article is already out of date as of last night.

  • Hit and run is the dumbest thing you can do, if you stay and wait for police, the worst thing you can get is a ticket, if you run, it’s a serious felony. If you’re drunk, you will spend time in jail, but fraction of the time of you run.

  • Not really my concern, who cares if you can get to the Heights Bike Trail? It leads you on a path through traffic on the south side of the freeway.

    There is still no way to get from Heights Bike Trail to downtown via White Oak Bayou without having to go into the street.

    The mission section has been there since the bike trail around Stude park was put it and it’s seen zero activity since. Why are they starting a new section when the sections aren’t even connected?

  • The short connector from Heights Bike Path to the White Oak path along Stude Park is scheduled for completion soon also. Not sure of the time frame on that. Within a year for sure. They’ve been doing a great job on the paths in Houston with some really good people working diligently on them.

  • Watch out for the black Audi and Range Rovers! Lol

  • Also, it would help if a lot of the bikers actually rode on the correct side of the road and had the required lights

  • @ C’mon now: from the article: “Zumoff was crossing the street on his bicycle at the intersection of Richmond and Gessner when a white Dodge Ram truck ran a red light and smashed into him.”

    It would help a whole lot more if Houston drivers didn’t run red lights, blow through stop signs, and disregard other traffic laws that they find inconvenient.

  • Yeah, I ride with a helmet, lights and follow the rules. So do lots of bikers.I still don’t get treated like a moving vehicle, so there’s that too. To note, I’ve been driving in this city for 18yrs now and have never seen a perfect driver.
    At the end of the day, as long as there’s rednecks driving trucks within harris county there will be dead bicyclist.

  • Whether I’m on my bike or caged, I operate my vehicle under the assumption that everyone else on the road is drunk, inattentive (these days, watching YouTube videos), unlicensed, uninsured, ignorant of the laws of the road, incompetent at operating the vehicle, and actively aiming for me. That policy seems to be working for me. In a couple hundred thousand miles of driving, most of it in the Houston area, I’ve only been hit four times, and in only one of those times was my car moving. Twice I’ve been rear-ended while sitting at a stop light (not while stopping for a light — I had already been sitting there for 30 seconds and in the first one I was the third car back), and once somebody hit my car while it was parked on the street overnight.
    On my bike I make the same assumptions, plus that they can’t see me, and am always planning my escape strategy. I never wear headphones or earbuds while riding, I wear a helmet and bright colors, I have front and rear lights, and I stop for stop signs and red lights (and wait for green). You do what you have to do because ye cannae change th’ laws o’ physics!