Houston’s First Warby Parker Headed to the Heights; The Star Lands Restaurant

Photo of Iglesia La Luz del Mundo: Patrick Feller via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Drones invading private property: 12-gauge or 10-gauge? Birdshot or buckshot? So many decisions.

  • Google: drone EMP cannon. Not any more legal than firing a 12ga at it, but at least it’s safer in a city neighborhood.

  • @Gisgo – Yes, but what comes up must come down. I’d rather not have buck shots raining down on my house/yard from a neighbor firing into the air.

  • Rock salt and a cloth wad is a little more environmentally friendly

  • Heck, if you could launch a yarn web or loose ball of yarn/string at it, the drone rotors would do all the work of bringing itself down as the skein got tangled. Yarn doesn’t cost much and will biodegrade nicely. I wonder if this product has been featured on “Shark Tank”?

  • Re Houston rents and salaries: That HBJ piece is an entertaining read. Heaven forbid they bother to do some fact checking. Rents are definitely more attractive in Houston. But salaries? Are you kidding! I’m sure millennials are thrilled about the prospect of waiting tables or serving drinks at one of Houston’s finer eating establishments. They’ll probably rush out and buy a new car with all of the money they are making. Wait, What’s that? Houston automobile sales are down 20% year-over-year. You mean to tell me HBJ printed “fake news”?