Houston’s Innovation Problem; Sneak Peek at The Carter Penthouses


Photo of River Oaks Golf Course: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • RE: Downtown Connector Ramp to Close Friday for 7 Months
    Coming from the Gulf Freeway, this ramp is a godsend for those headed downtown since it is sort of an “express lane” that takes some cars out of the way for those headed to the Pierce Elevated. And, it was in fine condition.
    Closing it off makes life difficult for the daily 13,000 drivers. TXDOT seems to love making a mess all over town at the SAME time: 290, Pierce Elevated, this, and the 610/59 interchange is due to start.
    I guess, with nearly full employment, they decided that this is the best way to cool economic growth.

  • RE: Downtown Connector Ramp to Close Friday for 7 Months

    Why now? The designs for the replacement/ realignment of the Interstates around downtown isn’t even complete! It makes no sense to do this work until they actually known what will be needed. Shouldn’t other ongoing highway construction projects be closer to completion first so that the available materials and manpower be more focused?

    I guess this is just another case where TXDoT is at it’s finest. (sarcasm)

  • HBJ is a pay site. Add the $

  • It’s absolutely surreal to see these extraordinarily non-innovative approaches to becoming an innovation hub. Does anyone really think being innovative is a status that one can inherit, or subcontract out, or buy like a product?

  • Also I can’t help but wonder how much of this push for innovation was based on an expectation of that UT grad-student center being built. It would seem Houston’s last chance to be an actual center for innovation walked out the door along with that project.