Houston’s Next Mayor; The Best Neighborhoods for Holiday Lights


Photo of Hermann Park: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Imagining an additional seven traffic signals in a 2.1 mile stretch of Memorial Drive between Kirkwood and Eldridge. I think there are four now so that will be eleven total not counting the lights at either end. Please just let them be carefully synchronized.

  • If Manzel can offer similar prices in the $160k range for the Norfolk condos, that’d be a really good deal. You don’t see many updated places for sale inside the Loop going for that price. They should keep that up!

  • Funny thing — I’ve viewed that stretch of Memorial Drive as being just fine and pothole-free in comparison to other roadways in west Houston. I’ll cross my fingers and toes hoping that the redesign and construction process doesn’t kill the mix of businesses in this relatively walkable oasis (by Energy Corridor standards). It would be a shame if the Bicycle World store doesn’t survive to see bike lanes outside its own doors.

  • Suffering succotash!

  • The next mayor has a tough road ahead of them. Pensions and a bad economy.

  • I noticed that you can make a comment on the sponsors. That could be a sticky situation for Swamplot

  • Lights are currently at Kirkwood, Bateswood, Clear Springs, Tully, Dairy Ashford, Nottingham Oaks, & Eldridge. Where will they add lights? Covering the ditches will be nice. Didn’t know this area needed a $39 million upgrade though….

  • Let’s hope that soon-to-be Mayor Turner doesn’t just fix potholes, but rather roads. So much money has been wasted on potholes that re-appear after a few weeks/months.

  • Is Shelia Jackson Lee in every major photo op.? I mean it is like she got elected mayor. She is in so many pictures of anything halfway major that at one point a swore someone had to be photoshopping her into the pictures.

  • I love the idea of refurbishing older apt complexes. I would be very interested in the 150k condo.

  • For real, Rex. She’s a political photo bomber for sure…… Can’t believe that woman holds any level of power…..

  • OK for crying out loud… does anyone have links to or know where to get info on the Contempo Condo development? Can’t find anthing online, in mls, googling etc. Seriously, I have clients who would be all over this.. need to get the info for them.