IAH’S New Concourse Takes Off; Stag Taking Over for Buffalo; Houston’s Parking Meter Problems


Photo of former American Rice Growers storage silos: Jan Buchholtz via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Christian themed Water Park
    What a great idea. I’m picturing very long lines for the Walking on Water ride driving impatient parents to the Water into Wine bar.

  • Montgomery county republicans getting the government and infrastructure they deserve.

  • Re: New Concourse C for United
    I’ve become quite jaded on any public project that benefits United. How much of the $149 million cost is United kicking in? (I doubt one penny.) From reading the article, Terminal B South was for United’s benefit, too. Unfortunately, I think UA’s fortress at IAH is only making it harder for competition and designed to suck as many dollars as possible out of the Houston metro area consumer wallets.

  • Major Market: United is funding a majority of the cost for their new gate facilities. Terminal C North is being reworked to be the western side of a new Leeland International Terminal ( D) that will double the gate space available to foreign flagged carriers. As such, United is paying to construct a new gate area in what is now Terminal B north, to which they will have exclusive leases. They are giving up their leases in Terminal C north.
    As to Terminal B South, of that $149 million project, United airlines paid $97 million to construct the building, with the remaining $52 million paid for by the airport authority covering the cost of the apron, ramp, and utilities placement. All of this info is available on the HAS website.

  • I can’t believe no one identified the real problem with the whole parking meter issue. The technology does have a problem and it sounds like there is a process to mitigate it. The real problem is that the parking cops arent following the process.