Imperial Sugar Factory Redo Falls Through; Houston Wants Help with City Hall Upgrades; MFAH Moves Painting After Discovering Its Painter

Photo of Preston St. at Main St.: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Hey I’m all for power washing city hall. Should have been done about 30 years ago. And if “sealing” the windows means there’s water coming in through them then yeah, that’s a problem that needs to be addressed yesterday as well. But you need more money to do it? I thought we all paid taxes for this kind of stuff?

  • Yeah it would appear theyre conflating the maintenance budget of the building (which probably includes wet-sealing of the windows, cleaning of the building) with the remodeling/repair of several areas. The maintenance budget, Im guessing is already accounted for in our tax dollars, etc. However the flooding of the basement and repairs associated with that should be covered by presumably the insurance policy of the building. That leaves the “upgrades” to the lighting, sidewalks, and plants around the building– which is probably a new budget and perhaps part of the 4-5 million .

    All of this presumptive on my part, so feel free to refute me if I’m totally off base.