In-N-Out Burger In for Houston; Down to the Wire for Club Nomadic


Photo of The Square at Memorial City Mall: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re Bike Box: I was hoping it was a box to store bikes in while you visit the little cyclist’s room. Putting cyclists in front of normal Houstonians at a stop light is just going to anger them.

  • As a commuting cyclist here in Houston, I would not want to pull in front of cars at an intersection. I think the bike lanes are great, but not the “bike boxes,” which seem an effective way of antagonizing drivers and not much else.

  • Re Bike Box: Cars will just ignore that and advance past it to stop in the crosswalk like they already do.

  • Sheila Jackson Lee needs to stick to what she knows best, race baiting, not Olympics. The last several Olympic Games have been a net loss for the host city and a nightmare for the locals.

  • SJL needs to not advocate for the olympics. That would be horrible. Single sport weekends create enough unnecessary traffic, and the olympics would just be 100x worse. No thanks. There are no upsides to hosting the olympics any longer. Now it’s just a propaganda display for questionable nations who are willing to spend the billions to line the olympic committee’s pockets.
    I mean, the prospect of lots of talented athletes having lots of sex in Houston is great though.

  • Sheila Jackson Lee might also try to implement another police-state/security program if the Olympics come here like she did a few years back when she was the point person for Bus Safe, which would’ve had random TSA agents frisking bus passengers in our city….but awake citizens shot her down fast. Olympics would give her a better excuse.

  • Instead of “bike box,” why not a program that targets area-by-area biking promotional arrangements. I am a bicycle commuter and my biggest beef is that motorists don’t know the laws any better than the cyclists do (I think of myself as a really, really slow car that no one sees). So target these areas with campaigns that inform both groups. Motorists will come to understand, “hey, be aware! This area has cyclists around;” and cyclists will learn (and feel safer) to blend into traffic better. Maybe “bike boxes” are a sort of signal that there by cyclists here, sure; but I think that goal can be accomplished more thoroughly than segregating us to bike lanes and routes. Bike boxes won’t work city-wide– education will.

  • What the heck is a bike box? The picture in the article made it seem like it’s a place where bikers cut in line and make cars drive behind them. Better approach: bikers use the sidewalks and learn to share with pedestrians. I hate when these asses go for an exercise ride and block cars for miles behind them.

  • @Commenter7 Congratulations! You are the reason they installed this. Enjoy!