Independence Day Downpour; Wilcrest Dr. Sinkhole; Questioning the Height of Fertitta’s Post Oak Hotel

Photo of Wrightwood St. in Woodland Heights: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • No link to the Chron report about repeat flood offenders not being knocked off the NFIP rolls due to improper enforcements?
    “One of the nation’s worst properties in this regard, a house on the San Jacinto River in Kingwood, has had 22 flood insurance claims totaling more than $2.5 million since 1979. That’s at least eight times what the house is worth, according to the data.”
    “Seven of the nation’s 10 most frequently substantially damaged properties are in Houston. Those seven have had 107 damage claims totaling $9 million, even though the combined value of those buildings is just $426,000.”

  • The 22 claim home is on Lake Point Dr. in 77339 just south of Hamblen Rd. (the round house). How you get to 22 just blows my mind.; avg 1 every 664 days.

  • “Giant” sinkhole? Really? Giant?

    It’s a big pothole but I expected something big enough to drop a car into. I’m calling “clickbait” on this one.