Ivy & James Out at Evelyn’s Park; 8th Wonder Distillery Debuts; The Fix for Hwy. 146

Photo: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • RE Ivy & James closing. Not surprised given the lackluster attendance at the park overall. We live near Evelyn’s Park, and it’s such a missed opportunity. I have no idea how the design was developed, but in light of the smashing success of Discovery Green and Levy Park (which would have been easy to replicate), Evelyn’s is old school. It’s very nice LOOKING, but there are very few amenities for kids and not much shade. What’s the point of it?

  • Intriguing headline on Fertitta’s luxury Tower at Post Oak. The paywall only makes me more interested in fining the article.

  • Dioxin Bay has a nice ring to it. I think we should flush it all out to the Gulf of Dioxin.