Katy Mills Mall’s Makeover; Revamped Humble Target; All-Poutine Place in the Energy Corridor

Photo of Melton Steel warehouse, Magnolia Park: Leonid Notax via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Reading the article about Harvey relief made me disgusted. Meetings and phone calls, having to translate the proposal before releasing it to the public, 5% allowed for administrative fees on 5 billion is $250 million. I guess that is what this political cat-fight is all about.

  • Sylvester Turner is the worst mayor since Whitmire. He just blames everyone. Bush’s grandparents are from Houston, Greg Abbot is from Houston, do you really think they don’t want to help Houston? Give me a break. He ran for mayor a trillion times and finally somehow won. His race baiting BS and incompetence as a legislator are legendary. I pray someone beats him. Let’s get another Mayor White. He knows how to work with people, not toxic Turner.