Slowing Down Allen Parkway; Kroger Marketplace Lands in League City


Photo of Rice University: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Has anyone heard why no pedestrian bridges were placed across Allen Parkway similar to those placed across Memorial Drive near Studemont?

  • How the hell does the chronicle continue to operate? I dont get it….

  • Re: Slowing Down Allen Parkway
    It is too bad that we couldn’t install pedestrian bridges instead. Allow safe crossings on foot while keeping Allen Parkway flowing at a good clip. Over the decades, traffic speed inside the Loop gets slower and slower.

  • Most people will not add distance to their walk by using a pedestrian bridge, unless the street were totally barricaded (is in freeways, e.g.). Maybe if there were a half-dozen or so bridges, you could reduce the number of pedestrians bolting across at street level. But building that many bridges would be a huge logistical and financial challenge.

  • The point is to slow down Allen Parkway.