Lyric Centre Updates; Trying for More Tiny Houses on a Lot; The 4 Snakes You Meet in Houston


Photo of McGovern Centennial Gardens: Jan Buchholtz via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: millenials can’t afford to live Downton – uh, no shit? The rents Downtown are outrageous, forget about the mortgages and obscene HOA fees. Many Downtown properties are being built as “luxury” housing where you need to be raking in 6 figures to afford your housing. Has Houston ever prioritized the need for affordable housing? It almost seems like “affordable housing” is code for “the poors.” Even the new subdivision near Northside (Avenue Place) which was initially geared as affordable housing was never really *that* affordable to begin with.

  • “Affordable Housing” is a code word for Subsidized Housing, which is a code word for Redistribution of Wealth, which is a code word for for Theft, hence Affordable Housing is theft of money or real estate values by one person from another.

  • Re: Tiny Houses. There was a time when lots of young people and sometimes entire families would live in mobile homes, vans, boats, and camper trailers. They weren’t proper hipsters though, because they were merely poor and had very crappy prospects.

  • Loving these home sale numbers. With sales holding steady and job openings on the decline we should be on target to have much better inventory numbers for buyers come this fall.
    As for millenials: “Nine out of ten expect to match or exceed their parents’ economic circumstances.” I assume 90 percent also don’t read the news or pay attention to economics.

  • Commonsense, completely agree.
    Exactly the same for “mortgage interest deduction”, “homestead” and everything else that gets thrown around.

  • Rich Kinder of Kinder Morgan wants more Public-Private partnerships to fund education and infrastructure? How about the Texas legislature makes corporations like his pay their fair share of taxes so that education and infrastructure could be properly funded without a partnership?

  • Commonsense, you sound like a common liberal. You need to finish the code to its completion. Theft is code for jail time. Jail time is code for liberal democrats. Jail time is code for police state. Police state is code for Jade Helm 15. Jade Helm 15 is code for a federal government takeover. Federal government takeover is code for President Polk. President Polk is actually code for President Obama. President Obama is code for the whitehouse and the white house is code for subsidized government housing.

    See everyone: Makes perfect sense once you connect the dots.

  • @joel, home sales are a lagging economic indicator; that is, it takes several months for it to catch up with economic reality. A friend of mine who does PR for HAR says they expect an 8-10% overall decline in home sales this year, and will probably start seeing a slowdown around summer. I think what we’re seeing is frustrated buyers who can finally land a contract.

  • In addition to public/private partnerships, Houston should have more “shovel-ready” projects on deck in general that are infrastructure and education related. I say this because I think the next federal stimulus spending bill will be an absolute juggernaut, and it can’t hurt to be ready.

  • NCS: Your little schtick is old. Zzzzz