Mapping Houston Commute Times; Crafting a Metro Code of Conduct

Fragment of Suzanne Sellers Mural The Muted Hues of History, Houston Club Building, 811 Rusk St., Downtown Houston

Photo of Remaining Fragment of Suzanne Sellers’s ‘Muted Hues of History’ Mural, 811 Rusk St.: Swamplot inbox


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  • Re: Commute times

    I didn’t know there were so many long-range commuters living in the middle of Galveston Bay!

  • Those wakesurfing commutes are murder.

  • I haven’t had much in the way of service any of the times I’ve visited Lowbrow and I can’t say I’ve had a great experience at any of the creeks. So is this move a consolidation of crappy service in order to glom onto the one thing Lowbrow does right? Hope it makes the food at all the ‘creeks better in the process. Hope and change!

  • METRO thinks it’s some kind of privilege to ride their crappy trains? Get over yourselves, fools.

  • Like them or hate them, the creeks print money. Crowds at Cedar Creek on the weekends are unbelievable. Dry Creek is no longer dry and is getting 700+ apartment dwellers across the street. All that cash has to go somewhere.

  • Good one less Omar Afra institution, now I’ll give them a try..

  • The Creek places are mediocre at best but because of the Heights and the Hipster factor people for some reason think it’s a culinary masterpiece. They bash chain restaurants in the burbs but fail to see mediocrity right within sweaty walking distance from their rented garage apartments.

  • The Creeks do seem to present themselves as purveyors of an “Austin vibe” which for some reason is a positive for a fair number of folks. Same phenomenon that has enabled Chuy’s to be so successful here? Nostalgic Longhorns? I do like that they carry some Belgian ales though.

  • The creeks are what they are but at least they carry local craft brew and rotate those very often…….I have been to place in the ‘burbs’ and they are like ‘St. Arnold what??? and Karbach..what??

  • Does Houston really need another McAustinland bar? I lived in Austin and Mr. Creek you’re no Austin. Try being this successful there…can’t can ya? Just like a failed LA actor who goes back to the Midwest and is a stunning success in a small town production while bragging about how cool LA is…

  • The most ironic thing about the Austin-like Creeks is that they are full of Aggies every time I go.

  • I didn’t realize there was so much disdain for the Creeks. I liken it more to the anti-Austin mentality in general as opposed to the bars themselves (which indeed does make the large crowd of Aggies fairly ironic). If a bunch of Aggies can get down with the Austin-style patio bars, can’t anyone? One does have to admit that the recent influx of Austin transplants (Re:Torchy’s, Uchi, Verts, Pluckers, soon to be Docs) has been on the rise. As much as I love Houston’s food scene, Austin seems to have more going on. Some people just don’t want to admit that.

  • The Creeks don’t have very good food, but remember that before most restaurants “discovered” The Heights, Onion Creek and Dry Creek were early on that bandwagon when there were few choices on White Oak. And there weren’t many things in Shady Acres besides the odd taco truck when they opened Cedar Creek. The guy has a formula, and it works for him, seeing how many people hang out on the patios of those places on the weekends.

  • Average commute time is longer than the surrounding communities but about equal to the national average: