Maybe There’ll Be a Saint Arnold’s Beer Garden by I-10; RIP, Burgess Hall


Photo of Southwest Fwy.: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Theyre burning down their house? That seems unnecessary… Hope their insurance company is cool with that.

    Speaking of insurance, how does that work? When your property(land) actually disappears from under you.

  • @Purdue: I heard on the news that their property insurance did not cover loss due to “ground movement”. So the owners have to pay for the burn/demo themselves.

  • Does anyone besides me think about Enron when you hear the name ‘Fast Tow’?

  • That Finger article is really obsequious. The communal library has books by Anne Rice and Stephen King!!! The projects use high-end materials like concrete!!!! Yeesh…

  • I think the anti-bayou restoration crowd loses a lot of credibility when they come up w/ conspiracies theories about this being some sort of River Oaks CC ploy.
    So they’re trying to destroy the bayou to regain some land on their golf course…. because the golf course is better served if the landscape is worse? I don’t get the logic. Just b/c they’re rich and they’re donating $ doesn’t mean they have some nefarious intentions.
    And what’s with this community activist’s assertion that the bayou is going to be turned into the SA riverwalk? What? If you don’t have anything productive to say, shut up. No one is talking about turning this section or the east section of Buffalo Bayou into anything like the river walk. The downtown section has a plan for such a thing. Which would be amazing and smart.
    I really was on the fence with this issue b/f I read this story. I understand that we need to preserve the bayou, its currently in bad shape, but its also a great ‘wilderness setting’ in an urban area. However, I’m now siding w/ the Army Corps, COH, and Harris county on this one. You lost me at ‘follow the money’.

  • St. Arnolds: Build it and the hipsters will come.

  • Kate Good, partner and senior vice president of multifamily development for Hunington, said in a statement. “We have studied the need of our target renters and identified ways to offer a better engineered living experience for an upgraded quality of life.

    No, no, no, no, no. Bad VP. Bad! You have somebody on your staff that does your marketing materials and promotions; they have people skills. Refer all press interactions to them. And whatever you say, do not say anything about an “engineered living experience”.

  • Re: The ‘In Harm’s Way’ report on the study that linked air pollution to cancer in the vicinity of the Houston Ship Channel. That was the news item, ten years ago, that motivated me to join HAIF and go on a long-winded rant regarding how poorly the journalists and various civic leaders had interpreted the study’s findings and made out the most severe of them in the most overblown way imaginable. It was such bunk. Better data came later that seems to indicate what we all understood intuitively (and is cited in this Cite article), but the study was good science at the time, yielded generally inconclusive results, and invoked bad journalism.

  • Re: Cigar bar closes after going non-smoking…

    Well, who could have seen that one coming.