Memorial Hermann Crown Open for New Business; Fort Bend County’s Millennial Push


Photo of Memorial Hermann: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Evil pineapple crown …Houston’s own little Astana Kazakhstan.

  • Re: Allen Center Aims To Be Like New York’s Brookfield Place After Renovation

    Lol, oh really, now that’s a laugh! Brookfield Place in downtown New York has retail that rivals the Galleria, and is putting the finishing touches on a brand new Saks Fifth Avenue. Downtown Houston and Allen Center couldn’t even hold on to its Macy’s. And the Dallas Street Retail Corridor…extending from Allen Center along Dallas Street to Discovery Green (which was to feature the old Sakowitz building turned into a flagship Bloomingdale’s, a new Macy’s at the base of Randall Davis’ Marlowe, a Nordstrom at the base of a new hotel across from Disco Green, and street-level retail and restaurants along Dallas Street) seems to have gone away with mayor Parker. World class retail is the last piece of the puzzle for downtown Houston…where’s REAL leadership when we truly need it? If Allen Center Aims To Be Like New York’s Brookfield Place After Renovation, they’d better read my post.

  • Re Fort Bend: Wait, I thought we were supposed to fear millennials. Now we want to attract them? Make up your mind.

  • RE: Evil pineapple.. I suggest it is the “Robots head” more than a pineapple..
    Wasn’t there supposed to be some supersecret ceremonial goings-on up there? I didn’t think they leased it..

  • Re: Metro Releases New Safety Video…Near Misses on Light Rail Lines
    One wouldn’t have to worry about crosswalk violators, bicycles, and inattentive pedestrians IF the lines were elevated in the first place.
    Bonus: Trains don’t have to compete with car, trucks, and buses for street space IF they were elevated.
    Extra bonus: Trains can move faster between stations IF elevated.

  • The interior of the pineapple is just as bad as the exterior! It looks a second-tier suburban bank. The crown moulding/lay in ceiling combo is tacky tacky tacky.

  • The comparison to Brookfield Place in downtown NYC is pretty laughable, as pointed out by previous posters. The ownership is the only linkage between the two. However, I applaud the efforts to improve the down dining scene and retail. Ground floor (Above tunnel) retail is much needed, it would great to have a bustling down town on nights and weekends. It will be interesting to see how the area around the convention takes off, you have two strong amenities in the Toyota center and Minute Maid. I hope downtown takes off but it has a long way to go.

  • Memebag “Wait, I thought we were supposed to fear millennials.”
    What made you think that? I’ve heard many times that they’re lazy — never that they should be ‘feared’. But if you fear them or think they’re lazy (or both or neither), if you own a business or are selling a product you’d be dumb not to market to a large demographic.