Metro Toll Hikes, Texas Population Gains; Goodbye, West U Recycling Center

houston food park

Photo of Houston Food Park, 1504 St. Emanuel St.: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Texas has been the second-most popular state for quite a while now…

  • @Spoonman Good catch. Post updated!

  • The closing of the West U recycling center is just another sign of how West University is simply a leech on Houston. West University Place would not exist without the city of Houston and they suck life from Houston all while sanctimoniously looking down at Houston. I feel that the time is upon Houston to erect a toll booths at all points of egress from West U for their residents so that they can actually give something back to the city that makes them possible. All citizens, especially those of minoroty know of how West U wracks up traffic fines, their utilities are all sold to them from the City of Houston, West U Elementary is now losing their magnet status (+$225,000/year) since they continulally do not admit outsiders and the list goes on. West University is uncluttered by almost no businesses, yet they residents flock to Houston for their needs, which surely add to the coffers of Houston while not blighting West U. If a toll seems regressive, how about a simple income tax on incomes generated outside of the confines of West U.

  • What’s with the hate for West U, the art appreciation degree does not allow you to join the community of the successful?