Meyerland’s Curbside Appeal; Memorial Green Construction Begins


Photo of Midtown: Jackson Myers via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • The RSS versions of these lists leaves much to be desired. (i.e., they’re unreadable)

  • The Wallethub “findings” are questionable in their usefulness because they are comparing “average” mortgage debt against “median” house price. (If not explicitly stated, I assume average is arithmetic mean.) Anyway, by their measure, some of the suburbs appear to be doing quite well. Notably, Stafford made the 1st percentile.

  • Re: Public Works Didn’t Install Barriers for 27 Flood-Prone Underpasses
    And, this is why City workers and managers get NO respect – they seem to leave their common sense at the door when picking up their ID badge. I can only guess at how many taxpayer dollars were squandered in buying the items then warehousing them.

  • You can check out a video of that lightning strike here:

  • @Major Market – did you read the article? Sounds like a lot of thought went into the decision, along with some equipment trials, and recurring issues from dumbass drivers. I would have made the same decision.

  • But hey — they’re patching potholes in 24 hours now!