MFAH Makeover Begins; Marathon Oil Tower on the Market


Photo of Neils Esperson Building: Jackson Myers via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • The new HMFA campus slideshow is a lot different from what was discussed last year on Swamplot, and it will be interesting to see what will actually be built. Can’t see how the new Glasswell School is an improvement though as half the building doesn’t seem to have windows or workable space!

  • I see quite a few windows surrounding the building in the models. Regardless, you want more usable wall space, not windows.

  • Why would har need/want to “take on” zillow? HAR is there to help agents sell homes. And help consumers look and research.
    Should they improve their app and mobile site? SUre, but it should be done with those goals in mind. Not to “take on” zillow. The fact that zillow also helps consumers find homes and connect to agents should be something HAR welcomes and appreciates.
    Speaking of… when is this site “coming back”. I check like once every few weeks now vs. daily : )

  • Underground parking seems to be the excuse for destroying the old Glassell. The new design certainly looks more pretentious and l wonder how mush attention is being paid to user needs versus the architects ego. I would have personally liked to see Carlos Jimenez’s MFAH admin building across the street removed and redeveloped instead.