Midtown Tower Developer Buys Nearby Lot; East End Wants Your Startup; Kukuri Opens on Wash Ave

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  • Re: Streetlights

    While there may not be a correlation between crime and streetlights, the article fails to mention that streetlights make people ‘feel’ safer. I also think that there might actually be a stronger micro-correlation for the areas directly beneath streetlights. I always try to park in bright open areas with lots of foot traffic, preferably underneath a streetlight. I avoid dark areas under trees or up against bushes. This is to avoid getting mugged (like many of my friends in Montrose) and to avoid getting my window smashed for the umpteenth time. There might be a dark spot on the same block where a crime occured, but the study would not show that level of detail.

  • East End is rebranding because Cancer Alley and The Urine District, albeit accurate, ranked pretty low in the latest focus group.