New Med Center Mixed-Use Tower; UH Replacing Law Building; Chevron To Acquire Former Petrobas Refinery in Pasadena

Photo of The Silo: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I can think of nothing more insulting than having a tollway named after you. It’s like saying, hey, I may not have been able to fix the structural failure’s that result in the city of Houston being dependent on tollways, but I did name one after myself!

  • So basically, Lanier promoted the GP because he and his developer friends were going to directly profit from the land they just -happened- to own along the path of the freeway.. And now we’re canonizing him for abusing his mayoral power to make it happen… It just doesn’t seem in the spirit of Houston to name it after him.

  • Sweet pic Russel!

  • Big Ben,

    It’s totally in the spirit to name the tollway after him. I mean Houston was founded by swindling developers who have been honored by having bypasses named after them (Allen Pkwy),

  • So not impressed with the half “Innovation” “Tower” and the top half to built at a later date. Epic Fair. Uh so, you’re actually building a 24 story stump. How lame.

  • @bigben, you and me are on the same wavelength
    Not to mention we’ve clearly learned over the past 4 years that’s its just collective stupidity to name public structures after individuals.

  • Don’t forget MayorBob’s raiding of mass transit “metro money” funds for dubious street “improvements” like the introduction of road humps on certain residential streets.