Office Market Concessions; The Most Interesting Affordable Housing in Houston


Photo of Buffalo Bayou: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Nice link to the article on Avenue Place – glad to know more about the project. Prior to purchasing my home in 2012, I looked at a handful of homes there back when about 10 of them built. Lots of potential and affordable at the (then) price of ~160-180K. For homes that were in going to be built, you could pick your finishes! The builders also made the homes environmentally friendly where carpets were made of recycled fibers, the home was well-insulated, bamboo was used, etc. I ended up buying on the west side of 45, but I still love that happy bright little area. I’m glad that this project has continued and will have to drive by to check out all the new homes they’ve added.

  • RE: Houston to Dallas bullet train raising $75M in private investment

    On one hand, I’d like to meet the people who have $75M to throw out the window – have I got some swampland to sell them.

    On the other hand, they have raised $75M out of the estimated $10B project cost. That’s .75% (less than 1%) so only 99.25% more money to raise. But, Montgomery County has already made noises to bar the door to this train. In this race, I wonder who will win?

  • Too bad its in such a bad neighborhood. Near northside has a lot of potential but it also has a lot of issues to overcome first.