Petitioning Against a Katy Walmart; Kickstarting a Heights Donut Shop

old texaco renovations

Photo of renovations of the former Texaco Building at 1111 Rusk St.: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Let’s stop using Single Family structures as a metric of growth analysis. These times are a changin’. People are realizing that this way of living is no good. We need to start building and accommodating for density! :)

  • “Katy residents petitioning Walmart in fear of crime” sounds like an Onion headline.

  • Again, Kickstarter gone stupid.

    So they are already paying rent, the equipment is ready, but they need money from kickstarter to finish the restaurant? Really? They are pinning the entire restaurant opening on a successful kickstarter campaign? Hey guys, pre-order your donuts, and maybe we’ll have enough money to open!

    Stupid, stupid idea.

  • “Katy Residents Fear Planned Walmart on Westheimer Pkwy. at Falcon Landing Will Bring Congestion, Crime minorities”
    Fixed it. I mean, you don’t move out 30 miles west of Houston to rub elbows with brown folk. That’s just ludicrous.

  • More of the same, tired “must might be a racist if you don’t want a Walmart in your backyard”.

  • The Katy store would be a “Neighborhood Market.” In other words, it would just be a grocery store (not a supercenter) in the midst of a residential area that isn’t awash in food shopping options west of the Grand Parkway. The next nearest grocers appear to be 3 miles away. They must really like to drive out there….

  • DNA: I normally like with what you say, but playing the racist card so easily makes you look sad.
    While I don’t really WANT a Walmart in my neighborhood (and luckily I live in an area that isn’t going to make economic sense for Walmart to come), the last reason I’d want for keeping a giant Walmart away is any worry about ‘rubbing elbows with brown folk’
    You can do better man…

  • slugline: First, lol and your name. My wife got sick of me saying “SLUGLINE!” randomly for no reason. And yeah, I think if you live in Katy (of all places), you don’t mind driving. I personally can’t stand driving (and thus live in an area that doesn’t require much of it…)

  • Not wanting a Walmart has nothing to do about race, class, SEC…it is more to me about the moral fabric of a community. Generica-Walmart has a lot of territory already, and who really benefits from a Walmart? They capitalize on convenience.

  • Bunch of Katy nimbys. They must think they are better than other people. Next they will probably say Walmart will diminish their property values and sue for damages.

  • @ Cody
    Come on now. Everyone now what ‘crime’ [wink, wink] means. Just like we interchange ‘thug’ for the n word now. To see it as anything else is naive.
    I objected to Walmart setting up shop on Heights blvd. However, it wasn’t b/c of ‘crime’ or ‘congestion’. It was b/c it was a big box store in an area that should be denser. In addition, the COH gave Walmart $$ to build and repair infrastructure. Walmart did a piss poor job at it and pocketed the $$$.
    Everyone has the right to hate on Walmart. They’re a terrible neighbor, they pay people sh*t wages, they pay women less than men, they fight tooth and nail to prevent unionization, and they kill local business. Object to a Walmart b/c of those things. Don’t object to it b/c of your veiled racism, Katy residents.
    What’s the old saying…. “Don’t piss on my boots and tell me it’s raining”

  • It’s OK for DNAguy to hate on Wal-Mart but if someone else does, they’re obviously racists.

    Also, thugs come in all colors, speaking of naive.

  • I gave my reasons to hate on Walmart. Again, I think the reasons given of ‘crime’ and ‘congestion’ aren’t valid b/c they’re not rooted in any sort of truth. I’m sorry. And when was the last time Fox News called a white kid a ‘thug’. Was the white guy and his wife in Las Vegas that shot the cops called a ‘thug’. Nope. You hear adjectives like ‘troubled’.
    Enough said.

  • Assuming all of the Katy residents who are against this small grocery store (it’s not a super center) are white is what’s racist. Hypocrisy abounds.

    I wouldn’t know what Fox News says, I don’t watch that channel. I have personally seen thugs of all colors so I know it’s true. Enough said.

  • @ OhBrother
    Let’s not let simple facts get in the way of your post-racial America narrative. Katy Texas is over 80% white.
    “White alone, percent, 2010 (a): 80.1%”
    So yes, I’m pretty sure something close to 80% of the people protesting this walmart are white.
    You’ve also assumed that the people protesting this Walmart are informed on the issue. I’m pretty sure that saying a person holding up a walmart would run to a school afterward shows you that they’re not really informed on the issues. Wouldn’t that standard preclude a school from being close to any business whatsoever? Exactly.