Previewing Metro’s Bus System Change Online; Pinning Down the Oldest Bar in Houston; Adios, Brick & Spoon


Photo of the Astrodome: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • b-cycle use being up 20%. I absolutely believe it. I see people riding on them everywhere. I even saw a group of people had taken the east end trail out to harrisburg and lockwood on the rental cycles. awesome!

  • Interesting news about the Great Southwest building! Big fan of the addition that’s going on the surface lot- very fitting for the neighborhood with the early-20th century retro-industrial style (at least in the rendering)

    The GSW tower is a fantastic example of preserved early Art Deco and deserves to be kept around (although I couldn’t care less about “Luxury Apartments” myself). Shame that the similar Texas Tower is gone now, but that building was already ruined with the removal of cornicework and that awful 1980’s lobby façade- and the replacement tower that’s going up is just spectacular.

  • RE: Whole Foods “365” Concept Store in Garden Oaks
    The article talks about how it being slightly outside the Heights (fronting the North Loop near Yale) but I’d say that it was a bit pioneering for Whole Foods. The store will draw the GOOFs and Heights people over since the spot is sort of a dead zone as it is now.
    Plus, the economics of land prices in that spot is probably better than trying to plunk it in the actual Heights – as the article’s commenter commented.

  • Brick and Spoon was a pretty decent restaurant and always filled up for brunch. Only reason I can think of why they closed would be that they closed for dinner. Which was a really really strange move.