Proposed Multi-Elementary Tear-Down; Lyft’s Most Visited in Houston

Photo of Mytiburger, 2211 W. 43rd St.: thranth via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re turning Metro lot into homeless encampment:
    That may be a great place for the dishoused to remain free range, but I detect a trend. It seems like we often co-locate the homeless and bike routes.

  • Re: Can Mattress Firm Survive?

    I would bet dollars to donuts that Mattress Firm (Inc.) sells “dealerships” to not-so-bright investors, and how long they last will depend on how deep their pockets are. Personally, I think they have become a huge joke…

  • I did a little research on Mattress Firm … very interesting and possibly a scam. It is a South African company that has borrowed $150M from the European Common Bank at very favorable rates. The scam would be to open lots of stores and over estimate the value of the properties and the business they develop. The majority owners pocket huge salaries and bonuses then declare bankruptcy when the money dries up. Customers apparently aren’t needed, which explains a heck of a lot..

  • @WR: What part of that makes it look like a scam? The $150M loan or that it’s a subsidiary of Steinhoff International?

  • Re: Lyft’s Mosit Visited Places
    JR’s is a gay bar, not a restaurant. I never really questioned the ‘Grill’ in their name. The only time I’ve seen food there was when some person randomly sold hot dogs one night.