Ranking Houston’s Pricey Rentals; Bellaire Food Street Picks Up Popsicle Vendor; Jersey Village’s New Office-Park Brewery

Photo of Conservatory food hall, 1010 Prairie St., Downtown: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Isn’t “Food Hall” just a fancy post millennial name for a 1980’s Food Court with higher prices and rent?

  • I think “Food Hall” is a fair rebranding of the old “food court”. The food court was almost always a bunch of chains and always the same collection of Sbarro, Tappanyaki, Orange Julius, Cookie Co., etc. It was set up to feed shoppers at the mall and not as a place you would go to just to eat. The food halls are aiming to be destinations in and of themselves with diverse food options from local chefs and good wine/beer offerings so people can come after work hours to hang out.

  • I may be showing my age – but, after work, I don’t care to hang out in a Food Hall paying extra for the “experience” of being seen paying extra.

    After work, throw me a bag of Doritos and a Fresca and I’m good. It doesn’t even have to be brand-name Doritos or Fresca, either. Meow.

  • I’m with Why Pay More. I’ve slammed a can of Popeyes spinach and a package of boudain. I’m not really looking for a significant other anymore but I’m betting deep down that’s what’s driving it.

  • Here’s a decent article about food halls – https://www.eater.com/2018/8/15/17677266/food-hall-development-restaurateur-stall-business-lease

    The food hall concept as I see it seems particularly compatible with the “virtual restaurant” trend – https://www.eater.com/2018/10/24/18018334/uber-eats-virtual-restaurants

    I don’t think food-court national chain restaurants ever did anything like that.

    Business idea – combine Food Hall with Instagram flowery studio place. People can take pics of their food in front of lush colorful foliage. Set it up so people serendipitously “find” ideal spots to take pix. Swap out foliage constructs as often as restaurants are swapped out. Not being sarcastic at all.

  • A food COURT is a cluster of food vendors, often with shared seating, in a place whose primary purpose is something else (shopping mall, airport).
    A food HALL is a cluster of food vendors, often with shared seating, in a place whose primary purpose is serving food.

  • Some people enjoy living in society. Others prefer to eat junk food by themselves after work. To each their own.

  • Angostura, I think you nailed it!

    Thanks for the links Verysincere. I noticed on my last trip to Austin that many of the parking lots that had been set up to host food trucks several years ago seem to be shutting down, or now occupied by just one or two trucks. Possibly these entrepreneurs are heading for the covered all weather spaces that a Food Hall provides.