Record Area Home Sales; Solving the Mystery of Houston’s High-Ozone ‘Pockets’

4318 mt vernon demo

Photo of demo at 4318 Mt. Vernon St.: Loves Swamplot


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  • Great, another 3700 acres of pointless sprawl.

  • Great, another 3700 acres of safe, affordable housing for young families to raise their children.

  • Pointless how? By providing brand new modern houses 3 times the size and 1/3 the price of anything in the loop, all while avoiding terrible schools, freakshows of Montrose, hippy chicks who married above their paygrade and now are annoying housewives in the Heights, and the soon to be opened world’s largest homeless shelter in EaDo?

  • How is it pointless sprawl? The families that are moving in droves to Houston and Texas appreciate the new homes and schools.

    What would you want them to do? Move into the slum apartments?

  • @kjb434: I’d hardly call some of the single BR apts being filled into midtown ‘slums’.

    The bonus is the family gets to become more friendly in a 1br.

  • The way I see it, at this point , Missouri City is practically infill. Building in Wharton would be sprawl. Seriously, everyone would bitch their heads off if a developer came in and leveled the worst part of the Third Ward and destroyed “the history” to put in a tract home development.

  • ah… so the troll has become the trollee.

  • Because there aren’t 200 square miles of faceless, characterless, HOA-restricted, master-planned developments outside of Houston proper for timid suburbanites to lock themselves into yet?

    Have fun with that.

  • I have to agree with one of the commenters on CM about the dog park. They are sacrificing a lot of space for that pond. Who wants another crowded park. Most owners want a large fenced in area where their dogs can RUN. I am all for shade and tress, but this space is great now for dogs because it is OPEN space. Maybe the pond serves as a flow path and flood detention, if so i guess it makes a more sense.