Record Houston Home Prices; Katy’s Alamo Drafthouse Swapout; Ship Channel Bridge Construction Starts Now

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  • Re: Ship Channel bridge

    TxDOT’s ” first step is to build the southbound bridge (4-lane). Then the old bridge (4 lane) will be torn down, and the northbound bridge (4 lane) will be built.” Why not save half a billion dollars and just build the first bridge, and in another 20 years build the second? This is a HUGE waste of taxpayer money just so that they will look identical. RESIST GOVERNMENT WASTE

  • “Record Home Prices” doesn’t really mean much. Absent a recession or housing bust, home prices are always increasing (along with every other consumer good).

  • @WR bridges aren’t just built and then sit there. They require a lot of maintenance. One of the biggest problems with the current trapezoidal box girder span design is how difficult and expensive it is to maintain. The cable-stayed design is much, much easier and cheaper to maintain. What’s more, financing comes into play – bonds are very cheap, and we don’t know if it will stay that way forever. The existing bridge had been financed when bonds were particularly expensive, which is a big reason why it was done as a toll bridge in the first place.
    In other words, knocking the existing span down now, when the money is cheap and available, is the less wasteful option in the long term.

  • Why would you expect to be able to afford a 2BR apartment by yourself on minimum wage? Find 1-3 friends and share the expenses in an old house, like the rest of us did when we were in that position.

  • TMR …. half a billion dollars buys a lot of maintenance. I stand by my comment. As for the high bond rate that goes back and forth. Were the original bonds ever paid off, and if not then keep it up till they are.

  • RandomPasserby,

    I agree that that affordability article is complete BS. Looking at their numbers, they are saying that an individual would have to make $30k/year to afford anything near the ship channel?????? I’m pretty sure I could find something to rent for less than $500/month there, which would mean I would only have to make $10.40/hr based on their formula of only spending 30% of income on housing. And that’s saying I absolutely refuse to have a roommate. Its all a load of hogwash, sad sack stories with a dollop of entitlement.

  • @ WR: You imply that they’re doing it this way just to have identical-looking bridges. From what I’ve read, that isn’t accurate. Instead, removing the old bridge also removes the pylons sitting in the Ship Channel, which will help dredging. Also, the old bridge has no shoulders; the new bridge will, both directions and both sides. I agree that it’s a lot of money, but I’m not convinced that it’s wasted money.

  • “Why would you expect to be able to afford a 2BR apartment by yourself on minimum wage? Find 1-3 friends and share the expenses in an old house, like the rest of us did when we were in that position.”
    My thoughts exactly. What a stupid metric to use.

  • @Random Passerby
    DITTO. That was exactly my thought when I read the article. Get a roommate(s) or rent something smaller like a garage apartment.

  • Re: Minimum Wage Earners cannot afford 2-bedroom homes
    I don’t mean to pick a fight with the “get a roommate” gallery but perhaps some of these minimum wage earners are single-parents that need that second bedroom for their children. Granted, this means that their choice of having a child coupled with their low-wage job turns into quite a trap.
    I’m not making any judgment on their choices but offering another theory. Having said that, I had a roommate when I was a struggling college student to split the duplex’s 2-bedroom rent so this is the way to go – if one can swing it.

  • RIP Alamo Drafthouse Mason Park. You were a little stinky but I had such great times inside you.