Replacing the Mall of the Mainland Macy’s; Navigating the Next Sunday Street

3400 montrose demolition

Photo of 3400 Montrose demolition: ThirdCoastRyan via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Timbergrove residents are now voicing concerns after Southwaste has been there for 40 years. I’m not sure they would really be happier with what would likely replace it if they force it out. Be careful what you wish for. . .

  • Hard to believe that a city with a gay mayor would be the last to get an ordinance like this–she didn’t even consider it her greatest accomplishment, nor did it seem a real priority of hers—just one of a million examples of how Parker has been disappointing.

  • TCEQ is also in the process of reviewing an application from Southern Crushed Concrete to put their mobile concrete crushing machine at 5001 Gasmer Drive – a site hugged on two sides by the Willow Water Hole. You will remember that this mobile concrete crusher was what drove the City to write an ordinance in 2007, requiring a 1,500 foot buffer from the property line where such equipment will be located, to the nearest house. It was also the subject of a State Supreme Court case that overturned the ordinance.
    There was a hearing on the concrete crushing plant last night. Not sure what the results were.

  • Good to see the non-discrimination ordinance passed. Now if Houston could join the rest of the country’s major cities by becoming a no-kill animal shelter city.

  • There was a “going out of business” sign at Col Bubbies this past Sunday. I stopped going after they let the cats take over. Reeked of like cat pee, badly.

  • Maybe I am naive, but was the ordinance really that big of a deal or just feel good laws for Anise? I have never seen the problem, if anything I have seen more gay professionals in Houston that in any other city I have worked. I knew a couple that moved from Austin and I asked why? They said Austin is a fun city, but Houston is the place to be for grown-up gays. Houston’s professional opportunities, its high arts, Austin cant touch.