Revised Development Guidelines for Heights Historic Districts; West Loop Reconstruction; Redlining’s Legacy

Photo of Conrad Sauer Detention Basin and 10100 Katy Fwy.: Bayan Raji


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  • Now, the 2900 s.f. you’re allowed to have on your 6600 s.f. Heights lot doesn’t include your front porch or the first 400 s.f. of your detached garage.

  • West Loop will be the new 290! Bring it!’

    Going to be such a mess. Wonder if the plans will be outdated by the time construction is complete.

  • Geez, 290, 288 & now 610 construction/rebuilding or whatever the heck they call it these days?! Road rage is already an issue across the city!

  • @HEBisbetterthanKroger – Don’t worry – according to Gensler and Swamplot (two posts now), cars will soon be obsolete and we won’t even need parking garages, nor a 610 Loop.