Rolling Out the New Light Rail Cars; Tallying Up the Bike Safety Citations


Photo of Tootsie’s, West Ave: Lisa Garvin


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  • “20-Month-Old Bike Safety Ordinance Has Yielded Fewer Than a Dozen Citations”

    HAHA! I’ll bet the fools with the boards hanging off the sides of their bicycles are pissed! Especially the guy who likes to run red lights near Kirkwood/Westheimer. Do as he says, not as he does.

  • Right, we all patiently go around the guy doing 12 mph and then he lane splits, runs the red light and is back in front again so we can all patiently do it again. I’m a bicyclist, motorcyclist and a “cager” but there are plenty of idiots for each.

  • Bicyclists running red lights isn’t justification for violating the safe passing ordinance. So yes, when you’re behind a bicyclist and feeling impatient, try to behave like a rational grown up.

  • ^^ And they should do the same.

  • I wonder how many cyclist injuries and deaths are the result of passing too closely. My sense is that almost all cyclists that are hit were never seen by the driver until they were hit. Whether it’s unexpected presence (e.g. wrong side of the road), poor lighting, or driver inattention, I think the first priority for both cyclists and drivers is being sure the cyclist is SEEN at all. When I was in driver ed a million years ago they made a big deal about how you should never pass a bicycle unless the oncoming lane was clear.

  • “I wonder how many cyclist injuries and deaths are the result of passing too closely.”
    Before every car/bicycle collision, the car and bicycle were closer than 3 feet.
    Then 2 feet.
    Then 1 feet.
    Then they collided.

  • In driver’s ed they told us to go into the other lane. If the cyclist falls unexpectedly 3 feet won’t save them. I still think the bigger problem is driver awareness of cycles _at all._

  • the problem is cyclists are too afraid to abide by Texas laws requiring them to take the full lane on any lanes that are less than 12-ft in width. shame on bicyclists for blatantly breaking the laws and allowing motorized vehicles to illegally pass them and risking everyone lives.
    this would completely eliminate comments like that above about bicyclists running lights or stop signs. treat them like an actual moving vehicle and make them act as one as your comment suggests and then these types of issues would go away. this isn’t rocket science.
    tons of residential or lesser used streets that parallel major thoroughfares that could be used for these purposes, but this is Texas and that’s not going to happen.

  • Bicycles are small, and competing for the driver’s attentions with other much larger and faster vehicles, and sometimes pedestrians. My closest calls have been bicycles on the sidewalks crossing in front of me while my attention is riveted on traffic coming from the other direction. Drivers have be hyper attentive lest they be demonized.