Saks Fifth Avenue’s Galleria Spot Gets Ready; T.C. Jester Tacos A Go Go Almost a Go Go


Photo of Somerset Green: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • HISD just hit a new low with the re-naming of Lanier. They just told a bunch of 12-14 year olds that, no matter how much good you do in your life as an adult, you will always (eventually) be punished for the mistakes you made when you were young. They took an honor away from Sidney Lanier because he was a lowly Confederate soldier at the age of 20 – never mind that he later became a poet, educator and musician. That’s exactly the message we should send to young teens; your stupidity at a young age will always win over what you achieve later in life. Awesome work, HISD.

    And (as the Chron article goes on to discuss) if it’s unfair to allow Carnegie Vanguard to compete in UIL because other “speciality” schools aren’t doing so, why take sports teams away from CVHS to fix that? Why not instead allow schools like deBakey to have a cross-country or wrestling team? HISD isn’t going to bus them from their chosen HS to their zoned HS to participate in sports – so these kids are effectively cut off from participating in athletics unless their parents ferry them around or they are well-off enough to own a car. Does the HISD board think these kids would not benefit from doing some sort of athletic activity? But then again, that’s HISD’s model: the only way they know how to effectively educate kids is to work them to death. If you want your teenager’s life to have a balance of activities, you need to pack up and move to the ‘burbs.

  • Hitler loved to paint with water colors. That doesn’t exactly excuse his actions as a Nazi.

  • Godwin’s law in real time!!!

  • Gisgo – yes! Because really, so many people’s actions are comparable to Hitler’s – especially 20 year old common soldiers.

  • El D: Vonnegan was saying “dumb as a kid, good as an adult” as a way to describe Lanier.
    Your retort is Hittler, who you joke was good as a kid but evil as an adult. So terrible example, and not even a counterpoint to what Vonnegan was saying.