Second Life for Downtown’s Melrose Building; Where the Most Expensive Homes in Houston Are


Photo: thranth via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • lol “HMK Mattress Holdings” sounds like a great place to put your money

    Welcome back, Swamplot!

  • Was glad to read about the Le Meridien coming downtown, and more importantly, the Melrose building either finding new life. Does that officially put the Days Inn as the last remaining vacant building downtown? I’ll be interested to see how they pull it off, but Starwood is already undertaking a similar project (with a similar era building) in downtown Dallas.

    Congratulations Downtown Houston and congratulations Swamplot.

  • I don’t understand these anti-sprawl activists. Are they really trying to control land they don’t own with money they don’t have and for a cause that’s very vague and extremely low priority to general population?

  • I look out my window at the old Melrose building everyday. The ground floor is a favorite encampment for the homeless thanks to the overhang. It smells like wee wee all day long. It is great news that this building will finally get repurposed. The NE quadrant of downtown is undergoing quite a metamorphoses with the Texaco building being restored and expanded, the new JW Marriot and the Aloft hotel under construction nearby. Impressive.

  • Actually commensense, in this case they’re advocating for local governments to quit trying to control private property by requiring more parking than is necessary. It is a decision that is best left to the property owner. And yes whiny Heights people, it’s as valid a position in your neighborhood as anywhere else.

  • @commonsense: It seems like they are just upset because people stayed home on Black Friday.

  • Unless you are blind and dumb, then it’s quite obvious they are against the massive amounts of concrete used in most suburban developments that are sitting empty and unused. Dying and mediocre shopping strips being the main culprits. Point being, if these outlets can’t fill these huge parking lots to the brim on what is considered the busiest shopping day of the year, then what use are all of these parking lots for? They are ugly and a waste of space. For example, the parking lot at the new Bucees in Texas City is atrociously too big and wasteful, as I never see it used to capacity. But I guess Texans would rather look at seas of empty, littered concrete slabs than what could be left as natural or landscaped. The backward mentality down here boggles the mind.

  • @Eddie: We also built a lot of roads here that you can use to go someplace prettier.

  • Oh, good! Everyone’s already fighting!

  • The top 10 most expensive neighborhoods in “Houston” are:
    Piney Point Village: $1 million median home value
    Hunters Creek Village: $1 million
    Southside Place: $1 million
    Bunker Hill Village: $999,200
    West University Place: $781,300
    Hedwig Village: $658,000
    Bellaire: $609,900
    Spring Valley Village: $517,500
    Weston Lakes: $396,700
    Fulshear: $365,700
    i.e NOT IN HOUSTON. #1-8 and 10 are all independent cities, separate from Houston. Not sure about #9, but I suspect it’s probably unincorporated Harris Co.