See Your Square Here: A Summer Advertising Special from Swamplot

Here’s one thing all Swamplot advertisers have in common: They all started out as Swamplot readers. Eventually, each of them realized that if they’re reading and enjoying Swamplot, it’s likely a lot of their potential customers are too.

They are.

It makes sense then, for us to direct a few messages about Swamplot advertising to our general audience. Especially when we have something special to offer. And we do!

Swamplot’s advertising rates were last set a year ago, when this site had a significantly smaller readership. We’ve now raised them to better match our current numbers: More than 165,000 pageviews, from more than 37,000 absolute unique visitors, each month. All of them actively interested in Houston real estate, development, neighborhoods, home decor, and all that other Swamplot-y stuff we cover. They’re people like you.

So what’s the special? We wanted to give a chance to those readers who maybe hadn’t considered advertising on Swamplot to try it out — at our old rates!

You know those little 125×125-pixel “tile”-size square ads in the column to the right? We’ve got a few more of them to sell. For cheap. Ridiculously cheap.

Uh . . . how cheap?


Well, the price for the square tile ads is now $300 a month, which works out to well below $2 for every thousand views (called CPM in the advertising biz).

But if you sign up with a pay-as-you-go cancel-at-any-time subscription plan for one of these ads before the end of August, you can get it at the old price: just $200 a month — for up to 6 months.

For the same amount of money, you might be able to get one of those small black-and-white business-card-size ads hidden in one of the back pages of one of those free publications stacked high just inside store doorways or tossed regularly onto front lawns. And you’d attract all those readers who like to pick up free publications and page through them carefully, paying close attention to every small ad on every last page.

But gee, you’re already reading Swamplot. Why not have a high-profile, bright, and colorful ad here, dancing around from position to position, showing up with every pageview from every reader — at a special limited-time-only price?

Now’s your chance. Advertising your organization or business on Swamplot is quick and simple. Contact our advertising department to set one up today!