Spring Branch’s Pine Crest Golf Course Hits the Market; Tilman Fertitta Ready for Prime-Time TV


Photo: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: 12 Under-Construction Houston Office Projects To Watch in 2016

    The downturn makes Chevron look smart when they decided to delay construction of their new tower downtown … the plus is the new open green space even if it is just for a few years.

  • Fertitta doing a reality show? That’s usually the last step of narcissistic personalities right before they fall hard because their fortunes have been nothing but hot air and possibly a pyramid scheme. Look at all the “Housewives” shows and Christley knows best, who are amidst bankruptcies trying to maintain pretence of opulence.

  • I was guessing Fertitta’s new show would be called “How to Trick A Tourist Out of $200”

  • El Chapo redux. El Chapo’s narcissistic personality was his downfall. Tillman take note of your predecessors.

  • We should also note that we are over one year out from Fertitta’s claim that there will be a national real estate crash like 1986 if oil goes under $50 a barrel, with Houston being the canary in the coal mine.