Star Fish Rebranding; Texas Legislators Want Beer To Go at Breweries; Is Park Place’s Groovy Church Facing Demo?

Photo of Dean’s at 316 Main St.: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Did we not do the Swampies?

  • we sure didn’t do swampier this year WTF i actually look forward to that ITS NOT TO LATE #Swampies2019

    And PS i’m so sick of people living in these over priced Slums aka Oak forest, Montrose, Eastwood, 1st Ward and a plethora of other city neighborhoods that get just as much public service as 5th ward or 3rd Ward telling developers not to bring affordable housing to their neighborhood. That traffic concern BS! if they were putting a 200 unit camden there no one would say a word and it would be done already. If you want to tell other where they can and can’t live and what should go where in your neighborhood you need to move somewhere with tighter deed restrictions dummy. And that section 8 comment you know they just meant colored!

  • I’m glad they will be changing the name of the Star Fish restaurant. It always reminded me of the Limp Bizcit album title Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water. What that means, I don’t really know, but it wasn’t an appetizing association so I never tried out the restaurant.

  • New Swampies category. “Commenters with weakest writing abilities”

  • To supplement the article regarding 8141 Long Point Rd. in Spring Branch, read additional information from the Braun Enterprises website:

  • I appreciate Adoile’s input and democratic principles. Wrong about why they complain though – my lived experience is that the old folks staked out in the nice central neighborhoods complain about anything and try to restrict any development that wasn’t their own brand new shiny house being built. The 200 unit condo complex get’s a lot of veracity, perhaps not as much as affordable housing units would, but they bring out the pitchforks for anything and everything.

  • I think Adoile has interesting things to say, but it’s hard to extract the content from the ramble.

  • Bro I understand, I hate how they don’t want any middle class and low class sets inter mingle if with them. I really hope Houston has another bust to drive out all these fake Houston lovers but only here for cheap land.

  • @Adoile. Where people can and can’t live should be dictated by whether they can afford it–with their own money. Obviously though you’re a proponent of gentrification. You know, people buying homes they can afford with their own money. So many people on this site seem to think there is something wrong with that.