Strand Lofts Building Going Condo; Installing Metal Detectors at Minute Maid Park

Andrew & Josephine Kuhn House, 2214 Kane.

Photo of Andrew and Josephine Kuhn House at 2214 Kane St.: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Exactly what consitutes a “high end home” in Houston? The article says that sales of homes over $500K increased 10.2% over the past year. Nearly any decent ready to move in inner loop home would qualify for high end if that’s the only criteria–the lot filler they are building across the street in Oak Forest is going for 975K–while it will likely have granite in the kitchen and baths and SS appliances, I’d hardly put it in the “high end home” league.

  • Went to Spingbok. Great drinks and decor. Food menu is lacking so eat before you go.

  • @matx Anything over 500k is considered a part of the “luxury home” market. Until recently that was true for our market but now I am starting to disagree.

  • Why isn’t that awful little Kane Street shack on the Daily Demo report? UGH! Somebody call the developers, it simply must be an oversight!

  • Crap! I need to find an all plastic flask for Stros games now :/