Suing a Channelview Smellmaker; Documenting Houston’s Street Couch Population

downtown marriott marquis construction

Photo of construction on downtown Marriott Marquis: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • “Obama, Icon Bank Team Up To Shut Down Katy Gun Store”- sorry, how’s that? The article seems to be about a business in default of its loan.

  • You have to just love the whining from Tactical Firearms. Presumeably, Tactictal Firearms co-owner, Jeremy Alcede is a strongly opinionated right wing, govment hater, yet when he pisses away borrowed money and the bank comes a callin’, he starts screaming about injustice and govment conspiracies. God forbid that a gentleman with a spine and right wing leanings would ever look for “handouts or wellfare,” but it seems that Mr. Alcede is not a gentleman with a spine and he also seems to be wracked with the typical contradictions of the majorityy of the right wingers. I hope the Harris County constables tighten up securtity next Tuesday morning down at the courthousee for foreclosure; this is just the kind of guy to go nuts with all of his guns.

  • @Clambone–Obama is so diabolically powerful that he forced Jeremy Alcede to (allegedly) embezzle money from Tactical Firearms by mental telepathy.

  • I didn’t even notice Boil House was open, they’re already closed?

  • LOL! Thanks for that ridiculous rising sea level alarmist article. I needed a good laugh today.

  • Sorry Boil House, can’t say I will miss you while you are “off season”….already supersick of my yard smelling like crab boil!

  • I’d like more details on this gun store default. He seems to be coming off as a crybaby. Perhaps he had a short term interest only note. But just because you “make payments” doesn’t mean you’re not in default. The bank seems to be offering the shop owner new terms. He’s just not taking them.
    While I’d like to take his side (mostly due to all the cruel comments about the guy) I can’t.