Swamplot Is Taking a Break

Stewart Beach, Galveston

It’s the middle of summer; parking lots are sizzling and beaches beckon. Starting today, Swamplot will be putting its regular publishing schedule on “pause” for a few weeks. Our daily roundups of Headlines will continue — they’ll still go up every weekday morning (look below this post if you don’t see them) — but the rest of our Houston coverage will have to wait for the new editorial team that’ll take over when Swamplot returns. You can speed the process along by sending the best candidates you can drum up for that job opening we’ve been advertising our way. And by continuing to send us tips we can use when Swamplot is back at full strength.

If you’d like to be notified when our regular coverage resumes, be sure you’re signed up for Swamplot’s email list. You can do that in the form posted here or in the box directly underneath the logo at the top of the page.

Photo of Stewart Beach, Galveston: Dana Smith [license]

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