Swamplot Q & A

Answers to a few questions about Swamplot:

How can I find information about my neighborhood on Swamplot?
Try typing your zip code in the search box, which is located near the top of each webpage, in the second column from the left. Swamplot posts about specific locations are tagged by zip code.

Where do you get your news?
Links to sources for Swamplot stories are listed at the bottom of each post. Swamplot also posts stories based on tips from readers. Swamplot Daily Demolition Reports are culled from public information provided by the City of Houston Code Enforcement Group.

How can I email a story I found on Swamplot to a friend?
At the bottom of every story you’ll see a link labeled “Email,” next to an envelope icon. Click it and follow the instructions.

Why hasn’t Swamplot covered the new Blah-Blah-Blah on Whatsit Street?
Maybe Swamplot doesn’t know about it. Send us a tip and tell us what you know about it.

Can I advertise my real-estate company/mortgage brokerage/home furnishings store/website/gizmo on Swamplot?
Most likely, yes. See our page about advertising on Swamplot.

Why is a website about Houston real estate called “Swamplot”?
We hope you’ll be able to visit this city one day soon.