Swamplot Sponsor: Bernie’s Best, AKA ‘The Crudbuster’

Bernie's Best, AKA The Crudbuster, from Juicy in the Sky with Vitamins

Today is a big day in Swamplot sponsorhood: This site’s first entirely liquid sponsor. It’s a drink called Bernie’s Best, but better known to its fans as “The Crudbuster” — from Washington Ave juice bar Juicy in the Sky . . . with Vitamins. Thanks for the support!

Got some crud you need busted in the new year? Bernie’s Best is a garden in your mouth: Fresh beet, carrot, apple, lemon, spinach, parsley, garlic, and nothing else, all pulverized (and quick-chilled) before your eyes. It’s sweet, savory, and tart, all at once: a flavorful way to get your body the veggies it deserves.

This week (through Sunday, January 17th), Juicy in the Sky is running a special on Bernie’s Best: Buy one 16 oz. Bernie’s and get a second one free. (There won’t be any signs posted about it, so be sure to mention you heard about this special on Swamplot. Or don’t — they’ll figure it out.) Juicy in the Sky is open 7 days a week at 4720 Washington Ave, Suite B-1, at the corner of Shepherd Dr.

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