Swamplot Sponsor: Bill Baldwin’s Latest Report on the State of the Houston Housing Market

Boulevard Realty Houston Real Estate Outlook

Today’s Sponsor of the Day post comes from Boulevard Realty: It’s Bill Baldwin’s mid-2016 Real Estate Outlook. Thanks for supporting Swamplot!

If you’ve been wondering what the future holds for Houston’s housing market, or want to get a better sense of how oil prices and home prices go (or don’t go) together, you might find this presentation on the state of the local housing market helpful. Boulevard Realty’s Bill Baldwin typically provides a private presentation to his sales force every month. For June, for the first time ever, his talk at the company’s Heights Blvd. office was opened to outside visitors. And now the whole thing is available to watch online.

Among the topics he discusses:

  • The forces behind the booming market of 2013-2014
  • The real relationships among oil prices, the housing market, and headlines
  • The new normal of supply and demand inside the Loop
  • Workforce and affordable housing and where to be an urban pioneer in 2016-2017
  • Best bets for investors, and trends for the rest of us

You can view a summary of Baldwin’s talk — with links so you can skip to relevant portions of the video — on this Boulevard Realty web page. (Go ahead and fast forward to 40:54 in if you’re hungry for one of those wowzers of a Houston real estate investment story.) Or take time to watch the entire presentation. Whether you’re a local, an out-of-state investor, or a wannabe, you’ll find in it a straightforward discussion of issues that affect Houston-area home prices.

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